Jun 06 2011

Genport has moved at Vimercate

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Since June the 1st, Genport has expanded and relocated at the Technology Park in Vimercate (MB), within an area of more than 300 square meters.

Vimercate Technology Park was founded in 2006 in a location with a great history, because of the existing Companies, buildings architecture and green around.

Along the time, the Park has always been a benchmark because of the leadership of the resident Companies.

These are our new address, phone and fax numbers:


Via Lecco, 61

20871 - Vimercate (MB)


R&D, Production:

Tel.: +39 039 63 96 501

Fax.: +39 039 63 96 502


Tel.: +39 039 63 96 500

Fax.: +39 039 63 96 502



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