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Jan 02 2014

Optimizing Smart Grids

Increasing environmental issues, security of energy supply, drive research and development towards renewable energy sources (RES) worldwide. A key issue of RES, such as wind and solar resources, is intermittency. RES are not dispatchable, they exhibit large fluctuations, and are uncertain. The intermittency of RES can be absorbed by the hybrid combination of different RES [...]

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Aug 24 2012

Generating renewable electricity with Solar and Fuel Cell

Generating renewable electricity is an important way to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and many countries are installing wind and solar power plants to help meet targets for cutting CO2. One drawback of these energy sources is their variability: the wind tends to blow intermittently and solar power is only available during the daytime. Hence [...]

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Sep 24 2011

WHAT is a fuel cell?

A Fuel Cell is an electrochemical device that continuously converts the chemical energy of the fuel (hydrogen) and an oxidant to DC electrical energy, heat and other reaction product (water). This reaction occurs inside the Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA), an electrolyte membrane sandwiched between two gas diffusion electrodes.   Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFCs) [...]

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Sep 18 2011

End User Energy Cost with Portable Power Sources

Three major criteria should to be considered to choose a portable power source. The weight of the system, the cost of the energy produced and type of the fuel are the key drivers.

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Jul 17 2011

Uninterruptible Power Systems

Over 50% of failures for critical loads are due to the electrical supply and the hourly cost of downtime for the corresponding applications is generally very high. It is therefore vital for the modern economy, which is increasingly dependent on digital technologies, to solve the problems affecting the quality and the availability of the power [...]

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Jun 30 2011

GP300 HFC: EMC and water immersion tests

We are completing all the electrical and mechanical tests, aiming to certify our portable GP300 HFC system, in order to obtain the CE. In particular, in recent weeks we have carried out with our generator GP300 HFC electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and water immersion tests (see photos below). EMC tests aim to detect any electromagnetic emission [...]

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May 26 2011

GP300 HFC: qualification tests

GenPort 300 Hybrid Fuel Cell is our innovative portable fuel cell system designed to maximize power density, reduce to zero noise, thermal signature, pollution, vibration and provide a constant, reliable source of power. It is based on PEMFC and Battery Technologies, designed as a versatile power source, for any lightweight, off-the-grid, high energy density application. [...]

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Mar 07 2011

Effects of temporary reverse voltage on proton exchange membrane fuel cell performance

Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells are gaining great attention as a source of power generation for automotive applications. One key requirement for automotive applications is that the fuel cell must be tolerant of frequent start-stop cycling. A new decay mechanism related to local hydrogen starvation, which may be present during start-stop procedures, has been discovered. [...]

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Feb 03 2011

Cold start-up of PEMFCs

The polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) is widely regarded as a potential power source for portable and mobile applications, due to its noteworthy features of high efficiency and zero emission. Successful start-up from subzero temperatures is of paramount importance for the commercialization of PEMFCs for practical applications, such as backup power and automotive applications. [...]

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