Jun 30 2011

GP300 HFC: EMC and water immersion tests

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We are completing all the electrical and mechanical tests, aiming to certify our portable GP300 HFC system, in order to obtain the CE.

In particular, in recent weeks we have carried out with our generator GP300 HFC electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and water immersion tests (see photos below).

EMC tests aim to detect any electromagnetic emission of the device and also include susceptibility testing of the generator to external magnetic fields.




Tests of deep immersion in water, instead, want to prove that the device is perfectly sealed and water-proof (think of all those nautical/sealing applications or GP300 HFC ‘s use in the marine environment).

Yesterday, it was the ideal day to test our portable generator in extreme conditions, with a storm coming. We launched the system in Como lake and we dipped it in water for several minutes.

GP300 HFC has fully maintained its isolation from water and when opened it was completely dry and ready to be turned!


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