Jan 23 2011

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Portable Hybrid Fuel Cell is an innovative concept of off-grid power source to extend runtime of batteries even without external fuel.

G300 is a portable, zero-impact, electric generator product line design to operate without releasing acoustic and thermal signature even in at extreme temperatures. Based on PEMFC and Battery Technologies, G300 series is a versatile power source operating as Battery Charger (BC), Auxiliary Power Units (APU).

G300 HFC (patents nr. 0000272516, nr.0001394308; nr.0001398058) is a versatile power source, CE compliant, that can be fueled with green compressed hydrogen as well as Metal Hydrides and patented high energy density solid hydrogen (GenFuel). Available in four versions: G300 HFC, G300 HFC-LT, G300HFC-MH, G300HFC-LTMH.

G300 HPS (patent nr.0001394308) is a transportable rugged hybrid 300 Watt power source, comprising a primary source of energy based on a retractable photovoltaic panels, integrated with a PEM fuel cell and a PEM electrolyzer. G300 HPS is a multi functional, configurable device that produces electric energy, pure hydrogen, water and ozone for water purification (patent nr.0001394308).

GenFuel (patent nr. 0000271919) is an innovative fuel concept, available in safe, economical and zero impact cartridges, with a target capacity of 400 Wh (2 hours runtime @ 200 W). It is the result of close collaboration between GENPORT and ENEA Centro Ricerche Casaccia, who has developed the fuel chemical recipe.

GenH2 is a PEM electrolyzer, which generates 5.0 quality hydrogen (max flow rate = 1360 cc/min) and stores it in a safe way. The generator is inside a rugged water-proof case and weighs less than 11 kg. available in two version: thermal management embedded (GBoxH2) and external thermal management (GBoxH2-ST).

GboxH2 and GboxH2 -ST are a rugged portable water proof case designed to transport, place a connect a solid hydrogen storage canister to a fuel cell.

Geniol is a wide range of battery packs based on lithium chemistry as well as a proprierty smart battery management circuit to match the functional, extreme environment requirements of any portable electronic equipment.

GenPV is a retractable PV array, connected with GenIOL 4S2P HL Lithium battery packs. It allows a remote energy generation and with a zero environmental impact.

GENPORT has an equipped mechanical, electronic and electrochemical laboratories to design, produce and test smart battery packs (GENIOL) based on its owned Battery Management Systems (BMS) and the selection of the best rechargeable batteries from more then 30.000 types.

We can carry on Polarization Test, Impedance Spectroscopy Analysis, Battery Cycling and Fuel Cell Tests for R&D projects or the evaluation in different environmental conditions of batteries ultra capacitors, fuel cells.

GENPORT represents Arbin Instruments one of the fastest growing manufacturers of energy-related testing equipment.

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