Apr 04 2011

Hydrogen Fuel Cells – Hannover Messe 2011

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April, 4th 2011

Definitely excellent the report of this first day of the fair. Our portable generation systems had a great success and they aroused the interest of everybody.

Especially, GENPORT 300 Hybrid Fuel Cell, still in the CE certificating phase, attracted for its design (the carbon fyber cover version is really noteworthy), its wearability and its strength. It is one of the principal news of this year of the hall 27.

GENPORT 300 Hybrid PEM Solar, instead, is unique in its field: with its walkable, light and flexible panels, it produces electrical energy, without any external fuel. Fantastic!

For the first time, as last, has been presented a little jar containing our solid hydrogen, GENFUEL; we opened it and showed it to the people.  It doesn’t produce heat, it is not explosive and it’s safe. In few grams of powder, you have got 400 Wh of energy. What an extraordinary thing!

From Hannover is all for today… tomorrow with the next updates!


April, 5th 2011

Also today, there has been a large flow of visitors at our stand from all over the world (Japan, United States, China, Turkey, India, Nigeria, United Kingdom, Denmark, Chile, Russia and many others), so confirming the big interest in our technologies and how international this fair is.

A lot of people have been attracted by our products for varies applications, in the nautical, militar, electromedical, camper van sectors and so on.

In most of all Fuel Cells field, we are the only ones to produce portable hybrid generators, even wearable!

Our GENFUEL got so much success, that has been called the “handy energy“!

From Hannover also for today is all… I will be in touch even tomorrow folks!


April, 6th 2011

This morning a big wave of Chineses and Koreans has crowded our hall 27, obviously also stopping over in our stand, in order to take pictures of our unequalled products. I have never seen such a crowd!

We also did a small experimental demo of hydrogen generation, putting our GENFUEL in a glass of water: everybody gaped, enchanted by this extraordinary fuel, so much safe and handy. Resounding!

Very interesting the request of a Danish sailor, who would like to cross the ocean in a green and ecological way; nowadays, batteries cannot provide such this shipping range, but our GENPORT 300 Hybrid PEM Solar system can allow him to undertake this venture!

Well then, you can notice that our portable generator systems are suitable for the most various applications.

And also for today from Hannover Fair is all… obviously tomorrow with the next news!


April, 7th 2011

The present day has been studded by the arrival of a lot of visitors from all over the world and many international delegations from all continents. Anyone was struck by our products, which have been defined “indispensable” in many emergency operations and in case of disasters, where electricity network is not available.

In fact, our portable power generators are primary utility devices for the first aid teams, who are faced emergencies and operate in the middle of unexpected catastrophes (the past few weeks case of Japan is a striking example).

There also have been many multinational distributors, with which we have had the opportunity to discuss several collaborations, in order to put our products on the market.

Through GENFUEL, we were the only ones to bring in fair the hydrogen safe storage for portable systems and mobile devices!

And also for today is all… Tomorrow the next updates!


April, 8th 2011

The last day of the exhibition today, with a very positive report for us! So, a good reason to come back next year, with other new products and, especially, with our unique hydrogen generator, fed with handy and safe GENFUEL cartridges.

Many others international distributors have proposed us today some collaborations, to market our products and use them in the most disparate applications and fields (military, portable electromedical devices, remote telecommunications, sailing, camping, off-grid residential and so on).

For example, a foreign company has proposed us to work together, to perform a super 5 kW generator powered by GENFUEL cartridges, because of the exceptional features of this solid fuel, its intrinsic safety, its high energy density and its no environmental impact.

There also have been a lot of overseas visitors, even two from Australia; they were fascinated by our technologies: GENPORT 300 Hybrid Fuel Cell’s wearability, GENPORT 300 Hybrid PEM Solar’s portability (without any external fuel!) and, obviously, our innovation, GENFUEL.

In short, Hannover fair is an absolutely international one and it has been a clear success for us!

Thank all those who came to visit us in fair and also all those who have daily followed us, instead, through this our blog!

And it’s all from Hannover… Now we’ll get set for go back home!  ;-)

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